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Epidemic Sound Launches New Campaign “A Sound For Every Feeling” To Highlight The Emotive Power Of Music

Stockholm, Sweden – Epidemic Sound, the soundtracking platform for content creation, is proud to introduce its global brand campaign, called “A Sound For Every Feeling”.

A Sound For Every Feeling” highlights the infinite variety of feelings that humans have – and shows how they truly come to life with the right sound and music. The multi-channel campaign, developed in collaboration with the award-winning creative agency Rethink, is the first under the company’s new tagline, Feel it, find it, which encourages creators everywhere to supercharge the emotional depth of their content by finding the perfect soundtrack on Epidemic Sound.

To bring the creative to life, the campaign highlights hundreds of specific emotions, all of which have been matched with songs from Epidemic Sound's catalog, from epic anthems to nostalgic ballads and everything in between.  

A Sound For Every Feeling” purposefully positions ads in locations where emotions are intensely felt, such as the places where creators live, work, and play. Over 500 hyper-contextual creative placements target people right at the source of their specific feelings – on social, digital, OLV, and OOH in neighborhoods across New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Ads with QR codes are positioned at street level, encouraging passersby to interact with the campaign. Each QR code will lead to a distinct playlist, expertly curated to resonate with the specific emotion depicted in the ad. Embracing the powerful connection between emotion, location, and music, this interactive approach provides an engaging and unique experience highlighting how you can find the perfect soundtrack for any feeling.

“We partnered with Epidemic Sound to soundtrack the feelings people have for three major cities. For example, all New Yorkers can relate to the love/hate feeling they have with the city but now they can also hear what that feeling sounds like… by scanning a QR code on a contextual placement printed on a trash bag on a NYC street. In this hyper-specific contextual OOH campaign we aimed to show creators that Epidemic Sound’s wide range of music can help them add not only the perfect sound but also the perfect feeling to their projects,” says Tara Lawall, Executive Creative Director at Rethink.

The multi-channel campaign is designed to resonate with professional creators and brands worldwide. With its extensive music catalog, Epidemic Sound bridges the gap where language falls short, enabling content creators and brands to find the perfect soundtrack for every emotion they wish to evoke in their content.

“At Epidemic Sound, we are inspired by the depth and complexity of human emotion. Our latest campaign is a celebration of life's diverse emotional landscape, highlighting how feelings and music are intertwined and vital to the creative journey,” says Rob Bullough, Global Brand Director at Epidemic Sound. “Dedicated to creators, brands, broadcasters, and freelancers alike, we empower creativity with the perfect soundtrack for every emotion, situation, and story. If you can feel it, we have the music to express it.”

A Sound For Every Feeling”, which launched on March 18th, will run until mid-April, with a second phase scheduled for Fall 2024. The campaign was developed in collaboration with creative agency Rethink, and media placements were managed by Mediahub. The art direction and creative production for the digital, motion, and OOH elements of the campaign were handled by Bold Scandanavia / NoAwho also partnered with Epidemic Sound for the recent launch of the company’s new brand identity.

The campaign reflects Epidemic Sound's role as a leading platform in the content creation industry. Since its creation in 2009, Epidemic Sound has grown to become the leading soundtracking platform for brands and creators. With YouTube and TikTok videos including Epidemic Sound tracks garnering 2.5 billion daily views, 2023 saw the company’s music soundtrack more content than ever before, from documentaries to TV series, podcasts, advertising commercials, and social media content. 

To experience one of the ads from the campaign “A Sound For Every Feeling”, visit Feel it, find it.

For more information about Epidemic Sound, visit

About Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound has transformed the soundtracking experience for global brands and professional creators, with an expansive catalog of world-class music and sound effects that's seen and heard over 2.5 billion times a day around the globe. Providing a direct license model that comes with all rights included and next-generation soundtracking tools, Epidemic Sound empowers creators to unlock more feeling in everything they create and share their stories with the world. Epidemic Sound continuously enriches its world-class catalog of music by teaming up with artists, composers, and producers to create tracks spanning all genres, while supporting them financially and creatively.


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