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Epidemic Sound Announces Upcoming Releases From Katori Walker, Janset, and Tilden Parc Along With New Moves in Latin Music

Artist Spotlight: Katori Walker

On March 29, Hip-Hop artist and content creator Katori Walker will debut his new album “Mezzanine.” Hailing from Pasadena, California, Katori started rapping at the age of nine, and has since developed a unique contemporary style. He is also a content creator and produces and directs his own music videos, constantly pushing his creative abilities. 

Today, Katori’s music is skyrocketing in popularity among fans, content creators, and brands; it has racked up over 20 million streams to date across music streaming platforms, and videos including Katori’s music on YouTube and TikTok have now generated over one billion views. 

Commenting on the new album, Katori Walker said: “I’ve spent my whole life on the bottom, finally made it to the Mezzanine. It’s time to get to the second floor."  ​​

Artist Spotlight: Janset & Tilden Parc 

London-born Hip-Hop and Grime artist Janset has joined forces with Bay area rapper and producer Tilden Parc for the upcoming single “Diamond in the Rough," releasing on March 22, 2024. 

Janset signed with Epidemic Sound at the beginning of 2023, marking the company’s artist expansion into the UK. Since then, Janset has released several successful singles with Epidemic Sound, including “Kaba Dayi,” “Recall,” and “ICON.”

Rapper and producer Tilden Parc makes melodic, propulsive rap music that combines bass-heavy production styles with potent wordplay. He signed with Epidemic Sound in 2019, and has since released several successful singles with the company such as “Earth” (Light it Up) and “All Day.”

Brands and content creators across the globe rely on music by the two artists to elevate their content; videos including Janset’s and Tilden’s music have generated over six billion views on TikTok and YouTube to date. 

Commenting on “Diamond in the Rough” and the collaboration with Tilden Parc, Janset said:  “When I listened to the chorus that Tilden had worked on for the song it brought tears to my eyes instantly. I felt the lyrics in such a deep way, and it felt very meaningful for us to do this song together. I’m truly grateful that our paths crossed, and this feels like the first collaboration of many to come!” 

Epidemic Electronic Sessions

In the Spring of 2023, Epidemic Sound hosted an electronic music summit with nine Epidemic Sound electronic music artists; Ooyy, Dreem, Rayo Z, Slct, Phello, West & Zander, By Lotus, Sum Wave, and Chibi Power

During the summit, the artists created tracks by jamming with a huge collection of analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines, resulting in a nine track electronic music compilation, releasing on April 5, 2024. The compilation consists of an enchanting blend of house, electronic, drum and bass, breakbeat, future bass, trance, new age, and more.   

Epidemic Sound makes waves in Latin music 

In the past couple of years, Latin music genres have seen a big upswing. In 2023 musica Mexicana grew 216 percent from 2019 and Spotify saw the most Latin songs in history hit number one. Mexican music artist Peso Pluma is putting regional Mexican music in the global spotlight, and his album Génesis became the highest-charting regional Mexican album in Billboard history. Meanwhile, Reggaeton artist Bad Bunny became the Billboard top artist of the year in 2022. 

Epidemic Sound was early in predicting a new wave within the Latin genres, where new genres would be infused with the same modern elements that Regeatton was infused with in the early 2000s including elements of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. 

Paving the way in the new Corrido genre, Epidemic Sound initiated a collaboration between its Corrido artist Ramiro LR and English speaking rapper Katori Walker in 2023. The collaboration resulted in the song Las Fresitas, which was recorded in the famous Sonic Ranch, and launched in October, 2023. Las Fresitas is among the first songs in the Corrido genre to incorporate an English speaking rapper. Since then, Tyga has released a song in the genre, and Drake has hinted that he is heading in the same direction. 

Cumbia is another genre where Epidemic Sound is at the forefront of Latin modernization. In November, 2023, Epidemic Sound artist Ratchetón released the song Dame Más, which is a classic example of cumbia villera, but infused with rap. 

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About Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound has transformed the soundtracking experience for global brands and professional creators, with an expansive catalog of world-class music and sound effects that's seen and heard over 2.5 billion times a day around the globe. Providing a direct license model that comes with all rights included and next-generation soundtracking tools, Epidemic Sound empowers creators to unlock more feeling in everything they create and share their stories with the world. Epidemic Sound continuously enriches its world-class catalog of music by teaming up with artists, composers, and producers to create tracks spanning all genres, while supporting them financially and creatively.


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