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Epidemic Sound announces label debut album from Nyck Caution, label debut EP’s from Kevin Dailey and The Yard Woman, alongside new releases from Gavin Luke and Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

Nyck Caution debuts his first album with Epidemic Sound, “Yellow Tape Road” 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, rapper Nyck Caution made a name for himself as a member of the Pro Era collective - the American hip-hop collective group from Brooklyn. Nyck Caution became a fixture of the NYC rap scene in the 2010s, appearing on projects by Joey Bada$ as well as Beast Coast's Escape From New York, and A$AP Mob's Cozy Tapes Vol. 2.   

He now debuts his first album with Epidemic Sound, called “Yellow Tape Road." The project portrays Nyck's signature crystal-clear bars, evocative lyrics, and a spin on the classic NY rap sounds with his incisive storytelling. 

The first song of the album, “On Mine," was released on May 17, and is followed by the release of “Emotional Trauma” on May 31 and “Good Company” featuring Katori Walker on June 14. The entire album will be released on June 21, 2024. 

Commenting on the album “Yellow Tape Road," Nyck Caution said:  “‘Yellow Tape Road’ is basically just me following my own path all these years in the music industry. I produced half of the album and I’m always learning and trying new styles. From introspective songs about my future kids to heavy 808 records about getting out of my face I feel like this project covers everything I love about music.”   

Gavin Luke returns with new EP “Old Boxes”  

Composer and producer Gavin Luke returns with EP “Old Boxes," releasing June 14, 2024. 

From an early age, Gavin was innately drawn to the musical world. At age 7, he began taking classical piano lessons, following the footsteps of both his parents and his grandmother. Throughout his childhood, Gavin both practiced and experimented with classical masterpieces, frequently re-writing the works of renowned composers such as Brahms and Mozart. 

Gavin’s signature sound of naturalism and classical music is rooted in his childhood memories of fishing and hiking in the lakes and woods with his family in Minnesota. It is also inspired by new-age composers, along with his passion for classical music, film scores, and modern contemporary electronica. 

Today, his music resonates with millions of fans, content creators, and brands across the globe. Gavin’s music has racked up over 450 million streams to date across music streaming platforms, and videos including his music on YouTube have generated over 28 billion views. 

Commenting on his continued partnership with Epidemic Sound, Gavin Luke said:  “Working with Epidemic Sound has opened a door for me that I never thought would happen. I am now able to earn a living from my music and I get to wake up each day and do what I love. I also have much more creative freedom now than I had before working with Epidemic Sound, and I’m able to develop and grow both as an artist and as a composer/producer.” 

Kevin Dailey releases his first EP with Epidemic Sound, “Amore”

Nashville-based Grammy award-winning composer, producer, mixer, and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Dailey debuts his first EP with Epidemic Sound, “Amore," releasing on May 31, 2024. 

The first song of the EP, “One For The Books," was released on May 10, 2024,  and is a classical score with a romantic, joyful feel that already feels like an iconic film soundtrack. 

Listen to “One For the Books” here.  

New UK signing The Yard Woman debuts first EP with Epidemic Sound, “Memories of Times Forgotten”

Electronic music producer The Yard Woman released her first EP with Epidemic Sound, “Memories of Times Forgotten," on May 20, 2024.

In 2023, Epidemic Sound announced its artists expansion to the U.K. and The Yard Woman is one of the company's most recent signings. The Yard Woman is a rising star in the electronic music scene, rapidly becoming one of the standout names and known for her unique sound which incorporates a blend of majestic melodies and heavy hitting percussion.

Commenting on the EP, “Memories of Times Forgotten," The Yard Woman said: "Navigating the labyrinth of human memory is the inspiration behind the EP. The tracks aim to reignite flickering flames of memories long faded, reminding you of the beauty and resilience found in embracing every aspect of your past. Both tracks have a restless attitude with evolving arps unfolding above and below grittier melodic lines."

Listen to “Memories of Times Forgotten” here

Don’t miss out on Sarah, The Illstrumentalist’s new EP “Better”

Music composer, performing artist, and content creator Sarah, the Illstrumentalist released her new EP “Better” on April 26, 2024. 

Known for her soulful, lo-fi, boom bap hip-hop beats with a dusty jazz spaceship vibe Sarah, The Illstrumentalist resonates with millions of fans globally. Her music has racked up over 122 millions streams across music streaming platforms, and garnered over 16 billion views on YouTube. 

Aside from music, Sarah also owns and acts  as creative director for beat-making lifestyle brand No Quantize, and she shares her beat-making skills and experiences through her YouTube channel Sarah2ill with over 84K subscribers.

Commenting on the song “This Makes Everything Better” from the EP, Sarah, the Illstrumentalist said: “'This Makes Everything Better' will instantly calm your nerves and make you feel better about whatever is going on in your life! A chill lo-fi instrumental that features the melody from Molife’s ‘8k’ and the drums from Gregory David’s ‘fly on up’, layered with synths, glockenspiel, and Sarah’s vocals.” 

Listen to the EP “Better” here.

About Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound has transformed the soundtracking experience for global brands and professional creators, with an expansive catalog of world-class music and sound effects that's seen and heard over 2.5 billion times a day around the globe. Providing a direct license model that comes with all rights included and next-generation soundtracking tools, Epidemic Sound empowers creators to unlock more feeling in everything they create and share their stories with the world. Epidemic Sound continuously enriches its world-class catalog of music by teaming up with artists, composers, and producers to create tracks spanning all genres, while supporting them financially and creatively.


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