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Aphmau initiates musical partnership with Loving Caliber for the final season of the show My Street

  • Epidemic Sound artists, the Swedish pop trio Loving Caliber, and gaming creator Aphmau collaborate to soundtrack the final season of Aphmau’s show, My Street 
  • Aphmau’s use of Loving Caliber’s song “Faster Car” in June 2017, created a viral hit, amassing over 100 million streams across platforms to date 
  • This listener demand prompted Epidemic Sound to begin distributing all its tracks to music streaming platforms and introduce an industry-leading 50/50 royalty split with artists

Los Angeles, California – Loving Caliber and Aphmau announced the final season of Aphmau’s show, My Street, at the world’s largest creator conference VidCon, in Anaheim, California, on June 27, 2024. The final season is set to premiere in late 2025, and Loving Caliber is releasing a new song, “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”, exclusively for the show. 

“I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” celebrates the memory of a time when you lived life to the fullest. It captures the feeling of being among people you love, embracing that friendship and all the excitement that comes with it. The song will be available on DSP’s on June 29, 2024.

The collaboration between Loving Caliber and Aphmau goes back to 2016, when Aphmau started soundtracking her content with music by Loving Caliber. In June 2017 Aphmau released a music video animation soundtracked by Loving Caliber’s song “Faster Car.”  Fans responded quickly with requests for where they could listen to the song on streaming platforms. This created Epidemic Sound’s first viral hit which has amassed over 100 million streams across platforms to date. 

“The virality of ‘Faster Car’ was that lightbulb moment where we really saw the power of online creator communities and their ability to help artists reach new, massive audiences and build a fanbase. As a result, Epidemic Sound started distributing artists’ songs on music streaming platforms and splitting streaming revenues 50/50 with artists, which still exceeds industry standards”, says Oscar Höglund, Co-founder and CEO at Epidemic Sound. “It’s fantastic to see this partnership develop and continue with this exciting new project. It’s another example of the benefit that great music brings to creators in connecting with and growing their audiences, and how in return, creators can help artists grow their fan base.”

Since that moment, vibrant Swedish pop trio Loving Caliber, with members Michael Stenmark, Anders Lystell, and Linda Stenmarkhave, continued to win hearts around the globe with their infectious blend of pop, melodic hooks, and rich guitar-driven sound. The songwriting trio has over 1.5 million monthly active listeners across music streaming platforms, with an ever-growing fan base.  

“Working with Epidemic Sound has empowered us to be able to make a living in music and reach new audiences and fans across the globe,” comments Loving Caliber. “Thanks to Epidemic Sound, our paths collided with Aphmau and her amazing community and fan base, which has now become our fan base as well. We’re incredibly excited for our continued collaboration with Aphmau and the final season of My Street.” 

Meanwhile, the fandom and community swirling around Loving Caliber and Aphmau is continuing to grow. The video from 2017 by Aphmau, which was the start of the Epidemic Sound distribution ecosystem, has now received 48 million views, 738K likes and 81K comments with fans returning to rewatch the video 7 years later. In December, 2024, Aphmau released another music video featuring the song "I Love You" by Loving Caliber. The song has since received more than 32 million views and over 16,000 comments, many of which are expressing admiration for the song and the band.

“I still remember fans absolutely LOVING Faster Car. It was an insanely chill yet fun song that made my series come to life in Summer 2016”, says Jessica Bravura, creator and talent of Aphmau. “Loving Caliber has brought my community together through wonderfully contagious melodies that define that era of many of my fans' lives. Their music has reached the hearts of many, they’re so insanely amazing!”

About Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound has transformed the soundtracking experience for global brands and professional creators, with an expansive catalog of world-class music and sound effects that's seen and heard over 2.5 billion times a day around the globe. Providing a direct license model that comes with all rights included and next-generation soundtracking tools, Epidemic Sound empowers creators to unlock more feeling in everything they create and share their stories with the world. Epidemic Sound continuously enriches its world-class catalog of music by teaming up with artists, composers, and producers to create tracks spanning all genres, while supporting them financially and creatively.


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