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Swedish Grammy award winner Ebo Krdum is back with a new album - ‘Revolt for Change’

  • With multiple awards under his belt, a Swedish Grammy being one of them, Swedish-Sudanese artist Ebo Krdum is back with a touching and remarkable body of work, ‘Revolt for Change’ 

Stockholm, Sweden – This 7-track African Folk-Blues wonder takes us on a sonic journey through Ebo’s past and present, where he reflects on the development of critical situations and long-lasting struggles in the other homeland of his, Sudan. It depicts a nation coming together to fight corruption and dictatorship in order to achieve democracy today (“Revolt For Change”). Ebo masterfully details how life used to be and the suffering he witnessed during the war (“The Wretched”). But most of all, and as with every project of his that is a beautiful extension of himself, this project is about encouragement to never give up hope (“Victims Of Regimes”).

“Revolt for Change’ is another creation that I’m hoping takes off with a life of its own to serve its purpose and deliver its messages of unity, organization and taking responsibility for making a change in our lives and among our nations in the world", says Ebo Krdum.

Ebo Krdum is a self-taught singer, guitarist, artist, actor and activist. He creates contemporary political afro-blues & afrobeat music rooted in several musical traditions around the sub-Saharan area (in his current projects). Ebo sings in several different languages and his lyrics mostly contain topics such as justice, peace, freedom, equality, diversity, revolution and liberty.

When Ebo was only six years old he discovered that he could sing and drum with his bare hands and he started entertaining people in his village, where he would sometimes get paid with a small penny or sweets. At the age of thirteen, he built his own guitar and learned how to play through his father’s radio and the only black-white TV in the village, where he got to hear artists such as Ali Farka Touré and Boubacar Traoré. Later in life Ebo also learned how to play other instruments such as Gojo, Ngoni, Oud, Tamboor, drums, keyboard and wood-flute.

Ebo’s last two albums have been released by Epidemic Sound.

Link to album

About Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound, the market leading platform for restriction-free music, is headquartered in Stockholm, heard around the globe and on a mission to soundtrack the world. 

The company has democratized access to music for storytellers. Its innovative digital rights model paves the way for creators - everyone from YouTubers to small businesses to the world’s largest brands - to use restriction-free music to take their content to the next level, whilst simultaneously supporting the musicians it works with both financially and creatively. 

The company was co-founded in 2009 and has offices in six major cities across the globe: Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Epidemic is backed by EQT, Blackstone Growth, Creandum, Atwater Capital, Alecta. AMF, and TIN Fonder and its Chairperson is Andrew Fisher, former CEO and Chairman of Shazam.


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