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Epidemic Sound’s The Future of the Creator Economy Report 2023 Reveals Content Creators Are Leveraging New Monetization Strategies and AI to Thrive in the Evolving Creator Economy

· 76.5% of content creators have experienced significant income increases compared to the past year, and cite TikTok (30%) and YouTube (25.8%) as the top social platforms for earning income. 
· 83.5% expect their income to increase over the next 12 months, primarily due to more monetization options on social media platforms (74.9%).
· Given the current economic climate, nearly all (91%) of respondents plan to reduce production costs in the upcoming year.
· 94% believe AI will enable more personalized or customized content experiences for their audience, yet 78% are concerned that AI-powered content may lack authenticity or originality, and increase competition (74%).
· 97.7% of content creators view music as essential for creating engaging content.

Epidemic Sound introduces ‘Sync to video’: the time-saving audiovisual preview for content creators

  • Market-leading music licensing platform Epidemic Sound launches ‘Sync to video’, enabling content creators to smoothly preview different soundtracks with their video directly on the Epidemic Sound platform
  • Tool saves creators time and effort by providing an easy way to try music and sound effects with a video without having to download tracks or have multiple windows open
  • The launch follows the release of the company’s most powerful search engine yet, alongside the news it recently hit 40,000 tracks in its catalog for content creators

Epidemic Sound partners with TikTok’s Commercial Music Library to add tracks to its Artist Impact Program to fuel businesses and artists

  • Tracks from market-leading music licensing platform Epidemic Sound have been added to TikTok’s Artist Impact Program, which supports established and emerging artists on their journey to be discovered and rediscovered on the platform
  • As part of TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, the Artist Impact Program is a selection of high-quality, fully licensed tracks available for use in videos by businesses, organizations and creators
  • The announcement follows the 2021 recognition of Epidemic Sound as one of TikTok’s certified Sound Partners (

Epidemic Sound partners with content creator and award-winning designer Chris Do to offer Business Clinic Workshop for creative entrepreneurs

  • Epidemic Sound partners with content creator and award-winning designer Chris Do to offer Business Clinic Workshop for creative entrepreneurs
  • The workshop will guide participants toward successful business growth and is offered by content creator Chris Do and leading online education platform The Futur

Epidemic Sound publishes its 2022 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

  • The reports sum up 2022 and describe the company’s strategies for growth and sustainability
  • Strong net sales growth of 46 percent, with improved operational efficiency, delivering positive EBITDA results for the first time in the company’s history
  • Maintained a strong financial position, to fuel continued geographic and product expansion
  • Several key recruitments concluded during the year

Epidemic Sound Artists Soundtrack the UN’s 17 Global Goals

  • Epidemic Sound and Heart 17 continues partnership for the second consecutive year with the goal of spreading awareness around the UN’s 17 Global Goals
  • Today, on the UN World Creativity and Innovation Day, Epidemic Sound launches 17 songs for the Global Goals in partnership with the global initiative Heart 17
  • To support and help raise awareness of the initiative, 19 Epidemic Sound artists, such as Ebo Krdum and Anna Landström, have created original tracks for the 17 Global Goals

Epidemic Sound introduces ‘sped-up’ tracks playlist to empower creators driving popular TikTok trend

  • Epidemic Sound launches a playlist of over 40 ‘sped-up’ tracks to empower content creators driving TikTok’s ‘#spedupsounds’ trend with access to high-quality music that can be used across online platforms without copyright worries
  • Playlist includes some of the most commonly-used Epidemic Sound tracks across TikTok and YouTube, from artists such as Alex Kehm, Lawd Ito and Mimmi Bangoura
  • With potential to increase artist discoverability, the tracks have also been published on music streaming platforms, where Epidemic Sound artists receive a 50/50 royalty split

Epidemic Sound recognized by LinkedIn as one of Sweden’s top 25 companies to grow your career

  • Epidemic Sound is recognized by LinkedIn as one of Sweden’s top 25 companies to grow a career, based on unique LinkedIn data measuring elements of career progression
  • Epidemic Sound ranked as the 19th best workplace to grow your career in Sweden, featuring among other global companies such as Northvolt, Spotify, and Ericsson

Epidemic Sound launches ‘Topics’ in its most powerful music search engine update yet for content creators

  • 'Topics' helps creators find music for their productions and provides insight into popular music trends across various types of content, leveraging data from YouTube videos with Epidemic Sound music, which are viewed over two billion times a day
  • Four additional music search updates launched to create Epidemic Sound’s most powerful search engine yet
  • This announcement follows the news that Epidemic Sound’s catalog now contains 40,000 high-quality tracks, marking a continued commitment to simplifying soundtracking and saving content creators time

Epidemic Sound hits weekly record of new tracks released to its music platform for content creators

  • Epidemic Sound added well over 100 new tracks to its music licensing platform for content creators from March 25 to 31, hitting a weekly release record equal to nearly 20 tracks per day
  • Latest additions feature artists such as rapper, Filthy the Kid; R&B singer songwriter, King Sis; alongside Tilden Parc, Hampus Naeselius, and Ooyy
  • Epidemic Sound’s catalog of over 40,000 high quality tracks is perfectly in tune with content creator needs due to a music strategy that harnesses creator feedback, data insight and in-house experts
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